How to Find Your Phones Model Number

Posted by New Case on 31st Oct 2021

Are you one of the anticipated 20.6 million Australian smartphone users in 2021? Do you often drop or scratch your phone? Most people buy a case to protect their phones or tablets.

When you order a smartphone or device case, you'll need to know the phone model number. This ensures that your new purchase fits properly.

Do you know where to look to find your phone’s model number? Keep reading to learn how to locate this information on different brands.

What’s Included in a Phone Case?

When ordering your device case, read the description carefully. Different companies offer various accessories.

The case refers to the protective shell on the back and sides of your device. You can choose different materials, damage resistance, and design.

Protectors guard against scratching or breaking the screen. Screen protectors may either be glass or plastic.

A cover includes both the case and the protectors. Sometimes they fold over the screen and have pockets for credit cards and money like a wallet.

Skins are thin layered decals used to decorate your phone. They can help prevent surface scratches.

Best Case Options for Your Type of Phone

Before you order a case, think about how much damage risk your phone usually faces. This can help you choose the best option for you.

  • Rubber: soft, economic, flexible, easy grip, and absorbs shock
  • Polycarbonate: protects against scratches
  • Polycarbonate and TPU: both hard and soft so it’s durable and protects against shock
  • Leather: provides a more formal look

Choosing a new case offers a chance to change the devices look and protection.

How to Find the Phone Model Number

locating the model number can sometimes be a little tricky. The following describes the best method for finding this number.

Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch

Go to settings and choose “General” and “About”. Tap on the part number to find your device’s model number.

You can also find the number on the phone. If you have an iPhone 8 or later, take the SIM tray out and look in the tray slot. Use a bright light and search the top of the slot on the display side.

For an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone 7 or earlier, look on the back of the device.

Android Phones

For Android phones, start by looking at the outside of the phone. It’s often printed on the back of the Samsung or LG handset.

If you can’t find it or want more information, look in the settings menu. Pull the notification shade down once or twice. Then tap on the gear icon.

Scroll until you find the “About Phone” option. Some devices like the Android Oreo (8.x) may require entering the system menu to find the “About Phone” choice. The model number should be located here.

Some manufacturers put the “About Phone” screen under “Hardware info”. So, if you can’t find it, try taking this extra route.

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