iPhone 8 FAQs: Your Comprehensive Guide for Aussie Users

Posted by New Case on 28th Nov 2023

G'day, iPhone 8 users! If you've got questions about your trusty device, you're in the right place. Here's a roundup of frequently asked questions tailored for the Australian iPhone 8 squad.

1. What is the most protective case for iPhone 8?

For those of us living the active Aussie lifestyle, investing in a robust case is a must. The OtterBox Defender Series and Rugged Shock / Drop Protection Defender Case For iPhone 7 / 8 stand out as champions in this category. With multi-layered protection, including a tough outer shell and a soft inner layer, they're designed to absorb shocks and drops, ensuring your iPhone 8 stays in top-notch condition even during rugged adventures.

2. Does iPhone 8 need a case?

While the iPhone 8 flaunts its sleek design, the reality of everyday life can be a bit rougher. A case acts as a buffer, shielding your device from accidental bumps, knocks, and scratches. Think of it as giving your iPhone 8 a sturdy Aussie mate to weather the bumps and bruises of daily use.

3. Is my iPhone 8 obsolete?

Fear not, mates! As of now, the iPhone 8 is still kicking and is part of the supported crew. However, to ensure continued compatibility with the latest apps and features, it's wise to keep your iOS updated.

4. What are the negatives of an iPhone 8?

While the iPhone 8 is a reliable companion, it may lack some of the fancy features found in newer models. If you're a tech enthusiast craving the latest camera advancements or processing power, you might find the iPhone 8 a bit behind the times.

5. When should I replace my iPhone 8?

Knowing when to say goodbye to your trusty iPhone 8 depends on your usage and needs. If you find it struggling to keep up with the demands of modern apps or if you're eager to embrace the latest tech innovations, it might be time for an upgrade.

6. How many years does an iPhone 8 battery last?

The iPhone 8 battery typically has a lifespan of 2-3 years with regular use. If you notice a significant drop in performance or if your battery struggles to hold a charge, it might be worth considering a replacement to keep your iPhone running smoothly.

7. Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 8 to 14?

The jump from iPhone 8 to the latest model, like the iPhone 14, can be substantial. Improved performance, enhanced camera capabilities, and new features await. Assess your priorities, budget, and desire for the latest and greatest tech before taking the plunge.

8. What is the oldest iPhone that is still supported?

As of now, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are the elders still receiving iOS updates, ensuring that your iPhone 8 is not alone in the supported lineup.

9. Will iPhone 8 run iOS 17?

The crystal ball is a bit cloudy on this one. Apple's iOS updates usually cover a few generations back, but as of now, the specific compatibility of iOS 17 with the iPhone 8 remains uncertain.

10. Will my iPhone 8 still work in 2024?

Absolutely! While newer models might offer extra flair, the iPhone 8 is expected to remain a reliable companion for essential tasks and communication well into 2024.

11. Will iPhone 8 work with 5G?

Unfortunately, the iPhone 8 missed the 5G train. If lightning-fast internet speeds are a non-negotiable for you, consider upgrading to a more recent iPhone model that supports 5G connectivity.

12. What is killing my iPhone 8 battery?

The iPhone 8, like any electronic device, can fall victim to battery-draining culprits. Background apps, frequent use of GPS, and keeping your screen brightness at max can take a toll. Consider managing these factors and, if needed, opt for a battery replacement to revive your iPhone's stamina.

13. Is it OK to charge iPhone 8 overnight?

Fear not, night owls! Charging your iPhone 8 overnight won't cause catastrophic damage, thanks to modern battery technology. However, to extend battery life, occasional shorter charging sessions are recommended.

14. Should I charge my iPhone to 100%?

While charging your iPhone 8 to 100% won't harm it, experts suggest keeping your battery between 80-90% for regular use. This practice can contribute to a longer overall battery lifespan. Think of it like topping up your fuel tank for the day ahead, rather than filling it to the brim.

15. Can you transfer iPhone 8 SIM to iPhone 14?

Good news: Yes, you can transfer your trusty SIM card from the iPhone 8 to the shiny new iPhone 14. However, it's crucial to check if the SIM card size matches. If not, a quick trip to your friendly neighborhood telco store might be in order.

16. Is an iPhone 8 waterproof?

While the iPhone 8 does have some water-resistant chops, it's not fully waterproof. It can handle a splash of rain or an accidental spill, but taking it for a swim is a risky venture. If your iPhone does get wet, be sure to dry it off promptly to prevent any potential water-related hiccups.

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There you have it, mates! A detailed exploration of your burning iPhone 8 questions with an Aussie twist. If you've still got queries, throw them in the ring, and we'll help you out. Cheers to keeping your iPhone 8 going strong down under! ???