Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hot Pink Defender Protective Phone Cover

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hot Pink Defender Protective Phone Cover


The pink colour can be used to depict romance. If your fiancé has a Galaxy Note 3, this heavy duty defender cover can be a perfect gift for her. It is designed using long lasting materials implying that she will be using it for a long time and thereafter it could act as a souvenir if she chooses to buy a new phone. That way, she will always keep you in mind. It is also rugged and stylish, enough features for her to like. Ladies love to carry a lot of items in their handbags and adding this cover to their phone does not affect the overall weight of the bag because it has an insignificant weight. It is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 3.




  • Brand new high quality durable 2-piece heavy duty phone case cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

  • 100% Brand new hard full body case cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

  • Protect your phone from bumps and scratches with 2 layers of protection.

  • Soft silicone inside layer with a hard flexible polycarbonate outside layer.

  • Easy to apply and remove.

  • All ports accessible without removing the case.

  • Fantastic and affordable present for friends and family.

  • Great value for money!

    Compatible Phone

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9002

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005


Item includes :


  • 1 x Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Heavy Duty Defender Case - Black and Hot Pink